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Consultation with Reuben

Consultation with Reuben

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Consult with Reuben on your Eczema and/or TSW. Reuben has personally healed from severe Eczema and TSW, and has helped hundreds of customers with severe Eczema and TSW heal from their condition.

15/30 Minutes: Will be held over Zoom, Google Meets or WhatsApp.

Monthly: Customers can reach me anytime on WhatsApp. I will respond to your questions ASAP, within 5 minutes.


Synthetic Silk and 100% Organic Cotton

Shipping Fees and Time

Free ShippingShipping in Singapore costs $6, and takes 1-2 working days. You will receive the mittens in your letterbox.

Exchanges and Returns

Exchanges: If the size does not fit you, we offer free exchanges.

Returns (Money Back Guarantee): If you are not satisfied, we will send you a postage paid smartpac parcel, for you to return your Eczema mittens to drop into any SingPost letterbox or post office.


For Children and Adults from 100-190cm height.

Choose you size based on your wingspan. Not sure of your wingspan? It's usually the same as your height.

Child (100-110cm)
Child (111-120cm)
Child (121-130cm)
Child (131-140cm)
XS (141-150cm)
S (151-160cm)
M (161-170cm)
L (171-180cm)
XL (181-190cm)

Wash and Dry Instructions

Machine washable using detergent. Can be sun or tumble-dried.

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